New Bands, New Cities, New Music: Jack White announces third solo album

Jack White is as cryptic as ever in a recent post announcing a third solo album is in the works. On July 31st, Third Man Records announced that White is currently working on his third solo album.  While the post was brief, a few hints lead fans to what they can expect.

New Bands

Jack’s first ever solo tour was backed by two bands: one all male (The Buzzards) and one all female (The Peacocks). The band on his second tour was a combination of the two.  Now however, the photos released alongside the announcement show a band made up of (almost) entirely new artists- the one exception being drummer Carla Azar.

Carla Azar in Toronto, 2012
Photo by: Jo McCaughy

New Cities

It’s no secret that Jack White balances the majority of his time between Nashville and Detroit.  White has established a record store in each city over the past few years and just recently, a pressing plant attached to the Detroit storefront.

However, Jack is shaking things up (as he often does) with this new album.  It is being created in both New York City and L.A. Only time will tell what influence this will have on the sound.

New Tour?

Back in 2015, Jack White declared that he would not be touring for a long time.  He focused on the record plant in CASS Corridor.  White also recorded the Dodge and Burn album with The Dead Weather.  Whether fans will continue to wait or be surprised with a tour for this album remains to be seen.


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