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Apologies to Sting.

After 4 seasons and 136 episodes, the boys call it quits

Geeks & Beats is signing off, this time for good. Each week we ran out of time, never getting the music legend out of the green room and into the studio for any of the 136 episodes over 4 seasons. Sting was so gracious about coming back each week, only to get bumped again.

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  • Hi there @AlanCross, @Hainsworthtv and the G&B community. I came to the website to seek closure after noticing The World’s Most Popular Podcast had signed off. I let the first week or so slide thinking the it was a tech glitch with Stitcher or something and found the above post, which I appreciate.

    Like others who have left comments here and on Facebook I was shocked to hear G&B had wrapped up so abruptly as we will miss the show. There is something so personal about podcasts and the occasional interaction I had with the hosts via comments and emails personalized it even more.

    I enjoyed the weekly shows, the occasional interviews and the recurring guests. Thanks for the making my bicycle commute more enjoyable.