Surprise, jocks: you were the most likely to abandon your favourite adult website for the most anticipated video game of 2015. The fallout from the attacks on Paris: we’ll debate the decision by some of the world’s most influential bands to cancel concerts. Kurt Cobain’s post-humous solo album — so bad, it’s good — but only if you’re willing to shell-out the big bucks for the enhanced release. Plus! How to win the Phillips Beard Trimmer 9000 — it uses lasers — and the real reason Betamax lost out to VHS (and it has everything to do with porn).

Before we set the lineup for this week’s show, we conducted a Twitter poll on whether we should cover the Bataclan massacre or if people wanted this podcast to be a bit of an escape from the horror of the past weekend. The numbers came back 52% “escape” and 48% “cover it,” a statistical dead heat. As a compromise, we led with something light and then got into the hard news in the second segment. It seemed like the right thing to do.

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