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What the petition to stop CBS from resurrecting Star Trek for television is really all about. We’ll tell you what’s wrong with Hollywood’s plan — and the knee-jerk response from the nerds. They called it “Sex in a Box” — we’ll tell you what it took to get this game added to the Toy Hall of Fame. Why Adele isn’t allowed to use her own twitter account — and why the songstress may end up being the last big artist of the decade. Plus — how you can win a beard trimmer that guides you using lasers, and the real reason for the cassette revival? The Grey Bar Motel.

Michael was very ill this week–a chest cold–and was self-medicating with a combination of dirty martinis and decongestants (do NOT try this at home, kids), which explains why he forgot to send me all the show notes for the podcast I need for this posting. We’ll let this slide, although the members of the World’s Worst Intern Program have asked that they be allowed to flog him with bamboo sticks the next time this happens. I hereby grant them permission.

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