LOL2015: Nevermind The Cossacks

We are Live on Location at the Toronto Downtown Record Show! We’ll tell you how to search for vintage vinyl and see if we can dig-up some platters that matter. The breakthrough in battery technology we’ve been waiting for. Forget Lithium Ion batteries — Lithium Air batteries will take you 25-times further. A sad day at Big Al’s Malt Shop. You knew the Happy Days greasy spoon owner died, but did you know there was a Happy Days Musical? Plus — we give away the Zik 2.0 headphones from Parrot — and tell you why the music you’re listening to may be making you fat.


Sorry for the delay in the Geeks and Beats show notes this week, but you can blame it on me. Michael had nothing to do with it. Let’s just call it a technical screw-up that needed rectifying before my duties could be completed. It won’t happen again. Promise. Maybe.

This week we took the show on the road to the Toronto Downtown Record Show for no reason other that we like The Record Guys and we wanted to give them some love. And because they don’t charge us for a booth.  Here’s what happened.

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