Classic Summer Rock Lives with Fire Under a Bad Sign while Driving in a Mercedes Benz

The Jimi Hendrix Experience played some incredible sets in the 60s and just a few years ago, one of their greatest sets was released in its entirety, Winterland. Here’s Fire from October 11th, 1968 in San Francisco at The Winterland Ballroom.

Queen rocked Montreal hard in 1981. Here they are giving it their all opening up their set with a fast version of We Will Rock You. You can find Queen Rock Montreal on Blu-ray, CD, digital download and vinyl.

Every rock fan knows that Joe Cocker’s most famous song of all time is covering The Beatles’ With a Little Help From My Friends. However, did you know that Joe Cocker’s first recorded single was also a cover of The Beatles? Yup, Cocker covered I’ll Cry Instead, which was originally on The Beatles‘ third album, A Hard Day’s Night in 1964. Cocker also covered the song in ’64 and even though it features Jimmy Page on guitar, it flopped for whatever reason.

Cream bassist Jack Bruce has that distinguished voice that can’t be mistaken for no one else. Although Cream was together for a short period of time (1966-68) they wrote some major hits that will never be forgotten. Here they are 10 springs ago playing at The Royal Albert Hall in London. They played four shows there and four shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City. These eight concerts would be the last time Cream performed together in concert.

Her voice was raspy and it was full of pure heart and bluesy soul. Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz was recorded on October 1, 1970 and was one of the last songs she ever recorded before she passed away a few days later on October 4th. This song was cut just under the 2-minute mark and is one of the rawest tracks in the classic rock era. Enjoy!




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