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Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones

On May 22nd, it marked the 44th anniversary of Rolling Stones’ eleventh studio album, Sticky Fingers. The album featured such classics as; Brown Sugar, You Got Move and my favourite ballad of all time, Wild Horses.

Don’t Do Me Like That – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Back in 1979, Tom Petty filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The move was to protect him from MCA, who had acquired Petty’s label. A deal was reached where MCA created a subsidiary called Backstreet Records. The first Heartbreakers album on Backstreet Records was Damn the Torpedoes

Hooligan – KISS

Kiss provided Marvel Comics with a vial of their blood, back in ’77. It was to be mixed with the red ink used to print their upcoming comic book, A Marvel Comics Super Special!: Kiss. 1977 was also the year of the Love Gun Tour. It would be the only tour to feature the song Hooligan in the set list.

To Love Somebody – The Bee Gees

11 years ago this week, The Bee Gees were made Commanders of the Order of the British Empire by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. Maurice’s son Adam accepted on behalf of his father, who’d just died six months earlier.

We Are the Champions – Queen

Back in 1992, Concerned that students were identifying with Freddie Mercury, who had recently died of AIDS, the principal at Sacred Heart School in Clifton, New Jersey banned 8th graders from performing We Are The Champions at their graduation ceremony. Students flooded the radio station Z100 with requests for the song. It would later be re-released as a single.

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