Dine Alone Records Gets into the BBQ and Hot Sauce Business

Just in time for Canadian Music Week, Dine Alone Records (home to City and Colour, Monster Truck, Marilyn Manson, the Lumineers, Tokyo Police Club and dozens more), has announced the existence of Dine Alone Foods, a purveyor of find BBQ and hot sauce.

Dine Alone Sauce


This is a co-venture of Dine Alone founder Joel Carriere and Jordan Hasting, an alumni of Alexisonfire.  Makes sense, given the name of the label, doesn’t it?

If you’re on your way to Canadian Music Week in Toronto, watch for food trucks offering tastes of the new sauces–and if you’re nice, they’ll give you a card which will allow you to download a 22-song Dine Alone music sampler for free.

Failing that, you can just buy your sauces at any number of retailers.  (Go here for details.)

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