Where You Stand at a Concert Says Something About You

The latest bit of  music-related psychoanalysis comes from Pitchfork, which claims that where you stand at a gig says something about your personality.

I tend to be a back-of-the-room guy, but not because I want to “cultivate an image of indifference toward the things that you like, including the live music that [I] just paid to see.”  I prefer the sight lines and the audio from the back of the venue–and I don’t like getting jostled, shoved, soaked and otherwise physically abused in the crowd at the front of the stage.  Been there, done that.

And if possible, I will watch a show from a balcony.  If you’re familiar with The Mod Club in Toronto, they have a great balcony for watching shows.  This does not mean I call shows “concerts,” as Pitchfork claims of balcony dwellers.

Other spots singled out in the article:

  • Directly behind the people directly in front of the stage
  • In the middle of the room
  • By the bar
  • Along the outer wall

Take a look and see if you agree with the assessments.

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