The Pursuit of Dashboard Standards for the Connected Car: Still Ugly

I was in San Francisco for a meeting with the higher-ups at Rdio on Thursday (more on that anon) and one of the things we discussed was the connected car.  We’ve already begun to integrate our smartphones into our cars for infotainment purposes, but we’ve still got a long way to go.  First and foremost, we need some standard user interfaces.

Rdio’s position–and I’m totally on board with this–is that the best way forward is for all auto manufacturers to adopt iOS and Android standards for displaying stuff on the dashboard.  That way, we end up with a WYSIWYG experience.  As is on the phone, so is on the dashboard.

We already have interface standards: iOS and Android.  Let’s just use them.  Why make things complicated?

However, others have different ideas.  Check out this story about Livio and Ford and their pursuit of dashboard standards.

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