Rogers Working on Getting WiFi in Cars

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The connected car revolution is slowly making its way to Canada.  And if Rogers has its way, your car will be just another device to them–not that this is a bad thing.  From the Globe and Mail:

Rogers Communications Inc. is partnering with Sprint Corp. to introduce a “connected car” wireless service next year that will provide Canadians with high-speed Internet access while they are on the road.

The agreement between the two carriers, which will be announced Thursday, enables auto makers that deploy the Sprint Velocity system – as Chrysler Group does on some of its U.S. vehicles – to use Rogers’ cellular networks to provide equipped vehicles with a wireless connection. That, in turn, will allow Canadians using the system to turn their cars into living rooms on wheels.

Keep reading because this is going to usher in a massive shift in what we do while we’re driving.

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