No Theremin Required

Space Oddity – David Bowie’s producer comes clean about making the latest album in secret. Early Adopters pay 15-hundred bucks to be first in line to pay 15-hundred more bucks for Google Glass. Conversations in a Singaporean cab. Alan will tell you about the one he had with one of the brains behind U2,  Psychedelic Furs, and talking heads. The Sonos Play 3 giveaway day has come. We’ll let a television icon from the 1980s decide who wins. The music behind Doctor Who. Just because the 50th anniversary episode is around the corner doesn’t mean you should be dusting off your theremin.  We’ll tell you why…And we’ll tell you why owning a pet monkey is grounds to disqualify you for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Particularly if you wear matching diapers.

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