No Goats Were Harmed

The late night talk show war is about to get more musical. All this talk about Fallon taking over for Jay Leno could put more pressure on Paul Schaffer than David Letterman. We’ll introduce you to Eric Davich. He’s one of the guys behind Songza. Songza had more than 1-million downloads in Canada when it launched last August. We’ll find out what the future of mood-deciding music is all about. The Goat Meme has claimed another music celebrity. We’ll play you a little ditty from Canadian songstress Justin Bieber. And I’ll prove why the digital watch doesn’t need a 21st century makeover. Plus: we’re giving away a Sonus Play 3 streaming audio box. And Alan will tell you why he recently lost his job to a 12-hundred dollar piece of office furniture.


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