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NWA Straight Outta Meme Generator Sparks Internet Craze

On Friday, the Straight Outta Compton meme had approximately 30,000 pictures placed on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. By Saturday, the site that was first created as a marketing tool for the NWA movie, had 100,000 Straight Outta's on Instagram. Google Trends reported Straight Outta Compton got more than 20,000 searches from Googlers on Friday. They also report that related searches, like `straight outta meme' and `straight outta compton meme' have accompanied the main search.


Why Does the Screaming Goat Meme Always Make Me Laugh?

And why, if this meme has been around since 2008, am I only hearing about it now?  Prediction:  this goat–who is from Peru, by the way–will soon take the place of the Wilhelm scream in films.  If it hasn’t already. And speaking of Taylor Swift, if you ever wrote her an actual letter, she is never, ever getting back to you.  Here’s why.

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Win a Philips Hue Starter Kit and See the Light!

Lights are the new way to decorate your home. With smart lights, it’s now possible to paint your home with beautiful colours of light. Philips Hue are a Wi-Fi enabled light bulb that works with what Philips calls its “bridge”. The bridge must be physically connected to your home’s router via an included Ethernet cable, then this allows your bulbs to function on your home Wi-Fi network. The Hue kit was easy to set up; once the bridge is plugged in, you use the app to set up the system, and...